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Can also be used to allow you both hands free to manipulate hair. Adaptive technology Alternative keyboard The products available range from key guards that prevent two keys from being pressed simultaneously, to alternative keyboards with differing layouts, sizes, etc. When making phone calls, they can use their voice to speak but read the reply in real-time text – or vice-versa – with the ability to speak and read at the same time helping the flow of the conversation. Shape writing enables users to type words faster by dwelling on the first and last letter of a word and glancing at letters in between. How much are unprotected machine identities costing the global economy? Oxygen Concentrators, Cylinders, & Supplies, Work Tables for Therapy and Rehabilitation, Lightweight design prevents fatigue from product handling, Pegs recede into the handle to take the form of any knob or handle, Individuals with Parkinson's, arthritis, and limited strength will benefit from the super-easy guided electrical outlet, Prevent injury, increase access, and return independence with a revolutionary electrical outlet cover for those with low vision, Assists those in wheelchairs or those who can't reach easily flip switches, Easily slides up and down to activate the switch as normal, Supports independence of those with limited fine motor control or hand strength, Using the whole hand's strength increases turning control and key placement, Three- spoke knob is easily grasped and prevents the hand from slipping, Allows those with limited dexterity to utilize lamps, Reduces the risk of slipping or dropping utensils. 1-800-708-3228 Assistive Technology British Columbia - ATBC supports BC residents with permanent disabilities in obtaining the assistive technology they need for overcoming barriers to employment and post-secondary education. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration, in Berlin, invented a sensor that can help people developing dementia. Government, Hospitals & School Systems - Submit your purchase order today! It's a new world for employees with disabilities who require assistive technologies to function in the workplace. It was created with guidance from organisations such as the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, The AbleGamers Charity, Special Effect, Warfighter Engaged and Craig Hospital. Also known as Adaptive Equipment, Independent Living, Assistive Devices, Handicap Equipment, Disability Aids. This technology allows people to record information for about 16 minutes to listen to it later on. This takes the discomfort and strain out of gardening. When grooming, some devices that can be helpful include a universal cuff to hold a toothbrush, a razor, or to help apply make-up, a wash mitt, a long handled brush, a lap tray, or built-up handles. “Yet you also see – and hear – our social apps at the same time – through the see-through computer screen, and ‘bone-conduction’ speaker. The Next Generation Text Service (NGTS) is a free smartphone app designed to enhance phone calls people who are hearing or speech impaired in Britain. 2. Using Bluetooth connectivity, the data it provides can then be relayed to the patient’s families and physicians. Lucy 4 Keyboard. Philips Hue Smart Bulb Starter Kit. The arrival of powerful new apps for … When used with a wheeled garden caddy, the knees and back are protected from overuse. In the kitchen, a number of adaptive devices can help make food preparation, cooking and eating tasks easier. Conveniently holds hair dryer in place for one-handed styling and drying. Typing shortcuts or Hot KeysVoice recognition and dictation systems are powerful assistive technologies that allow persons with disabilities to control a computer and dictate documents verbally using spoken commands.Most computer vendors support persons with disabilities by incorporating accessibility utilities into operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintos… There are many kinds of assistive/adaptive technologies that address the different needs of people with disabilities. Disability Specific Adaptive Fishing Equipment: The Wounded Veterans Fishing Gear is an example of disabled fishing equipment made purposely for war-related disabilities. Life jackets for disabled People. The Xbox Adaptive Controller allows gamers with a wide range of physical disabilities to customize their setups in whatever ways help them play their best. With one billion people – or 15% of the world’s population – living with some form of disability and this figure rising, according to the World Health Organization, there is a business case for being more inclusive. Standing products to support people with disabilities in the standing position while maintaining/improving their health (standing frame, standing wheelchair, active stander). 858.866.0959 Disabled Sports USA - Grants Providing funding in three main areas (Yout… Living independently centers on the idea that many people can regain or find the ability to take care of themselves with very little, if any, help from others.
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