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Tune L40, L43, L44, and L33 for maximum forward swing on wattmeter. Ending Jan 18 at 12:14PM PST 5d 12h. DX 949 Figure 2-1 Front Panel 2.0 INTRODUCTION This section explains the basic operating procedures for the Galaxy DX 949 mobile transceiver. With built in automatic SWR tuning, you’ll be able to use the unit almost right out of the box. Helpful. Note: Additional channels can be acquired by “broad-banding” this radio. COBRA 29 LX 29LX 40 CHANNEL CB RADIO PRO TUNED, ALIGNED, PEAKED AND TUNED. Galaxy DX949 with Dual Final conversion, has dual IRF-520 MOSFETs. Galaxy DX 959 40 Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio The clarity of signal is superior to anything I have ever had in the rig, The sensitivity to received signal is fantastic, this radio does pull in the signal.Galaxy stands behind their products, so this was a no-brain-er. These steps are for the correct tuning, as many people tune … Not a truckstop hack. ... Was pretty weak at first with just 2 watts but after a peak and tune. $2 9 Perform Receiver improvement mods. I have been receiving glowing reports both before and even more after a peak & tune. If anyone wants to change their username contact an admin and it will be done. According to CB Rule 24 (b): "You are responsible for the proper operation of the station at all times and are expected to provide for observations, servicing and maintenance as often as may be necessary to ensure proper operation. The modification requires that you remove the banded end of diode D9 and add a 1/4W, 1.5K resistor in-line with the banded end and the now vacated board location. $16.00 shipping. Also Fixed a damaged capacitor connection and re-installed Q39 Audio Limiter. The overall construction of the Cobra 29 LX is also vastly inferior, due to its being made out of mostly plastic. Audio Limiter - TR53 AM Power - VR13 Galaxy 66V Channel Expansion . Also Read: Cobra 75 WXST CB Radio Review. Variable 2-7 watt dead key swings 30 always. There is a good reason for this. ). what is the real output for galaxy 949 after peak and tune .no other mods just peak and tune (not tech watts just everyday radio shack - bird meter watts), tech watts are when you get your radio peaked they tell you that its doing x-number of watts because thats what must operators want to hear its doing 35 watts but only can do 15. Galaxy DX-959 D 79-290 PLL: RCI 8719 * Modifiable -Can be expanded to include the full range of frequencies this radio is capable of from 26.695MHz up to 27.965MHz. You can use eBays helpful sidebar to explore the options and advantages provided by this radio. The clarifier knob is for fine tuning ssb stations only so if they sound garbled you can tune that one way or the other until you clear up thier transmission. Check the box to the left of the item or items you want to purchase, then click the add to cart button. Please read the information relating to the factory talkback and the replacement option, the relay talkback circuit. Modifiable -Can be expanded to include the full range of frequencies this radio is capable of from 26.695MHz up to 27.965MHz. It is not, it's another mode you can use on the same frequencies. Shortcomings of the Galaxy CB radio dx … The max power I get from my 959 is 30 watts. Tune-up. The name GALAXY say's it all Rock Solid!! As they say, out with the old in with the new. 2) Find the small circuit board on the left of the radio. Note: Additional channels can be acquired by "broad-banding" this radio. ... Love the built-in SWR meter as it makes it easy to tune the antenna and monitor its tuning as time goes on. That’s why Galaxy designed the DX 959. Note: The purchase of services and other accessories is not mandatory. The Galaxy DX 959 is one of Galaxy’s most popular and best selling radios of all time. If you would like more info on the modification or accessory before purchasing just click on the link below (The blue text). 1) Open up your radio. Galaxy CB Radio DX-959 Mods PLL: RCI 8719. Peak and Tune (+ $ 45.00) Expert technicians test your new radio, tune the output, and adjust the power and modulation so that the radio sounds as good as possible. Find a quality tech to properly align and tune your radio. Please add an additional 2-3 days to ship when services are added - Details, * Special * Buy this radio and get a high end noise canceling mic of your choice at a reduced price, Trunk & Roof Mount Antennas, (Click on the image for a larger view), Radio and modifications purchase section - Purchase Instructions. Both have sideband. This was very popular when the Galaxy 10-meter radios first hit the market (D7 on the Galaxy DX-series 10-meter chassis). Transmit excellent. This baby sings. Turner 1- Shield & Red 2- White 3- Blue 4- … If you want more power, by a small 2-pill amp, and have the tech set up your radio for it. Works great picks up and receives up to 4 1/2 miles . That’s why this article. Controls: Volume, squelch, mic gain, RF gain, RF power, dimmer, talkback volume control, and clarifier. Tune-up. what is the real output for galaxy 949 after peak and tune .no other mods just peak and tune (not tech watts just everyday radio shack - bird meter watts) #1 double xl, Oct 30, 2011. It has all the features that I was looking for in a large frame radio that I can use in my truck. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. DX 949: VR16: VR18...AM Low Power VR14...AM High Power: VR13 VR17: DX 99V: VR14 or Remove TR53 ... Galaxy 55V Tweak & Peak . The DX 949 is a 40 channel SSB CB radio and has all of the features you expect including an easy to read signal/power/SWR meter, and … Switch functions:Mode selection - AM/USB/LSB, switchable meter functions - SWR and PWR, NB on/off, ANL on/off, CB/PA, and tone hi/lo Dimensions: W 8" x D 9.75" x T 2.5" Included Accessories: Stock mic, mic hanger clip, mounting bracket, side mounting screws, power cord, and owners manual Warranty: 2 year MFG warranty Condition: New Retail Box (NOT Refurbished) Downloadable Owners Manual in PDF format - Download Now Feature comparison guide (Galaxy CB Radio Models) in PDF format - Download Now. The Galaxy radio offers AM, USB, and LBD modulation, whereas the Cobra offers just AM. Basics: 40 channel AM/SSB CB radio with SWR alert indicator, roger beep, RX/TX indicator, side mount mic jack, talkback, variable output power, automatic SWR circuit, and Galaxy noise filter. Hows other great features as well . Sadelta 1- Shield 2- White 3- Brown 4- Green. The new Galaxy DX94HP is the model that has replaced the age-old DX99V for which everyone had a thing for, at least at one point or another. Galaxy-DX-949 40 Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio. It is a great sounding and a solid preforming radio that has a lot of potential it just needs a peak and tune and you need a good antenna and you are good to go. 14 bids. Multiple accounts belonging to the same member will be deleted without warning. The Galaxy DX 949 is an outstanding radio with heaps of features including built in SWR meter, mic gain and roger beep. Galaxy DX949 at Only $169.95 High Performance tune up - $55 - a must in order to perform  or    High watt modification- with additional TX mods- $69.95 Echo installed - $69.95 - more info or  Turbo echo installed - $79.95 - more info Extreme Noise filtering installed - $49.95 Relay Talkback- $49.95   or  Talkback on the front panel switch- $59.95 Special - Add an Astatic 636L mic for Only $39.95    or  Special - Add an Road King 56 mic for Only $54.95 * Special * Buy this radio and get a high end noise canceling mic of your choice at a reduced price, * We screen diligently for credit card fraud ** Secure Shopping Cart by Americart *, Usually ships within 1-2 business days. A high SWR alert LED light enables you ensure that your dx-959 is always performing at its peak and there’s no risk of damaging it. Tuning a CB radio antenna is important if you want to do anything fruitful with your radio. Galaxy CB-660EI 1- Shield & Black 2- White 3- Red 4- Blue. Galaxy DX 949 on Sale Now (Click on the image for a larger view) (Scroll down to purchase) List Price: $ 199.95 Our Price Only $169.95 Buy Now and Save $$$ Recommended Modification (Performance Tune Up) When Performance Counts! Cb Radio Galaxy Dx 44 Hp Peaked And Tuned. ... Galaxy DX 949 CB Single Side Band radio packed with all of the features that should be standard on all CB radios. The radio incorporates a large number of features – more than just about any other FCC type certified CB radio on the market. Galaxy DC-521S (4 wire) 1- Shield 2- Yellow 3- Red 4- Black. The radio is five stars - I took off one star because it shipped in its retail packaging, which has some padding, but probably not sufficient for shipping purposes. 2.1 CONTROL AND CONNECTIONS 2.1.1 FRONT PANEL Refer to the above Figure 2-1 for the location of the following controls. DX 949 and DX 959 Adjustments. However, even though Galaxy has “hinted” information regarding the broad-banding procedure, it has yet to be tested. SSB works by suppressing the carrier signal and using just half the AM signal giving you two modes lower and upper sideband. Excellent AM recieve. 4.5 out of 5 stars (8) 8 product ratings - COBRA 29 LX 29LX 40 CHANNEL CB RADIO PRO TUNED, ALIGNED, PEAKED AND TUNED. Simply follow this. The performance tune up is a must in order to perform. What are the advantages of communicating with a Galaxy 959? The Galaxy DX 959 is a CB radio that is packed with a variety of useful features. Apart from the long-range performance SSB makes possible, the Galaxy DX 949 packs a variety of features, including an end-of-transmission roger beep, variable output power, RF gain, clarifier control (delta tune), PA, high-SWR alert, mic gain, talk back and automatic SWR calibration for … The best unit Galaxy offers with a five-digit frequency counter and long-range SSB performance Jampacked with features including automatic SWR calibration and an illuminated meter Description It’s okay to want it all. Total: 623 (members: 37, guests: 416, robots: 170),, (You must log in or sign up to post here. The Galaxy CB radio series is popular with professional truckers for a reason, and the DX 949 continue the Galaxy tradition of quality and reliability. Page 5 Adjusts the microphone gain in the transmit and PA modes. 30 W peak power (perform a tune-up to radio to increase power, audio and performance) AM carrier 1~6 watts and 28-33 watts peak power. You can now help support WorldwideDX when you shop on Amazon at no additional cost to you! Meters aren't that accurate, except for the Bird and only a select few others. $165.00. 30 W peak power (perform a tune-up to radio to increase power, audio and performance) (AM: 1-6w, Peak AM: 12-33w, SSB PEP 14 - 28w) $2 9 Perform Receiver improvement mods. This Service Includes a 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee! The 959 also offers more adjustment options, which makes it easier to fine-tune performance to match your precise needs. Se7en Well-Known Member. I am picky when it comes to sideband and I was very unhappy with the SSB recieve and transmit. This forum does not allow a single user to have more than one username. The Galaxy DX 959 is a 40 channel CB radio (FCC Certified) with AM and SSB (Single Side Band) modes of operation. galaxy 949 Discussion in 'CB Radio Forum' started by steelbreezzz, Jul 9, 2007. Communicate Using a Galaxy DX 959 Radio. Besides the freq counter it is the same as the 949. Radio Galaxy DX 949 Service Manual (35 pages) Radio Galaxy DX-99V Owner's Manual. Joined: Jun 27, 2010 Messages: 4,576 Likes Received: 209. It’s for the CBer that insists on having a rig that’s literally out of this world. If you know what it is then you'll be happy that th… Receive is very good as well. For those that are unfamiliar with SSB there can be some confusion with many labelling it as additional frequencies or channels. I added a 2 ft K40 superflex antenna which improved my SWR's greatly from a stock antenna, I even shot a little skip w/ this combo. The galaxy 959's can be a fine sounding radio if they're put in the right hands. They just look different. There is one thing I have noticed about these boards in the DX2547/949/etc. Discussion in 'General CB Services Discussion' started by double xl, Oct 30, 2011. That static issue can be resolved as well for the most part, by a tech with the right equipment. When doing a peak and tune on them or doing this mod, you will want to uncoil a spring marked as "L29" It's in the back of the board near the final. Full channel am/fm/ssb mobile built in frequency counter with roger beep (10 pages) Radio Galaxy DX 929 Service Manual (37 pages) Radio Galaxy DX 979 Service Manual (38 pages) Radio Galaxy DX… Here, we will be going through the right steps to correctly tune your antenna. First, when trying to get more power out of this board, L29 chokes it out. The DX-959 is a multi-mode radio handling both AM and SSB. I own a Galaxy 959. GALXCHANLED-RED Replacement Channel Display LED, RED, 93, 95T. Galaxy Channel Display Red DX93 919 929 979 Number on LED is LDD4061-10/P6 with part # EX03N40419.
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