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He was also uncle of Robert Livingston the Younger, grandfather of Philip Livingston and William Livingston. Trained in business in Rotterdam, he brought to the New World the experience, knowledge, and techniques of one of the most advanced commercial centers of his day. 46 “Memorandum of what I am to doe before I goe off ye 21 Octob 1694” (fragment); Memorandum, Nov. 14, 1695, L-R Mss. American statesman, son of Robert R. Livingston (1718-1775, a justice of the New York supreme court after 1763) and brother of Edward Livingston, was born in New York City, on the 27th of November 1746. At one point president of the New York Stock Exchange, he was a co-founder of the Continental Bank of New York in August 1870. 8 Livingston's untitled account book, 1670, Livingston-Redmond Mss. 66 Invoices of goods, March 31, April 26, and April 30, 1705; Livingston's notes, 1706, L-R Mss. in the New York State Library), VII, 217; Report of a Committee of the New York Council on Livingston's petition for payment, Sept. 10, 1696, New York Colonial Mss., XL, 195. 100 Vetch to Livingston, Aug. 25, 1716 (London), L-R Mss. Van Laer, op. Though no record of the dates of these marriages apparently exists, Janet was twenty-six and Barbara was twenty in 1669. 62 “Account of Money Receivd of ye Late E: of Bellomont,” May, 1702, L-R Mss. 91 John Livingston advised his father: “as for yr demands on ye Palentines acct bleve itt is ye Best way to Depend only upon Govr Hunter yu having agreed with him for to Supley them and he by his agreement is become yr paymaster.” John Livingston to Robert Livingston, Feb. 15, 1713/4 (New London), L-R Mss. 28 Graham to Livingston, April 7, 1679 (New York City), L-R Mss. Discover the family tree of Robert Livingston for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry. David Livingstone est né le 19 mars 1813 dans une famille pauvre1 à Blantyre, au sud de Glasgow. Feature Flags last update: Sat Jan 16 2021 19:53:44 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time) 92 Livingston's petition to Hunter, c. Nov., 1713; Hunter's patent to Livingston, Oct. 1, 1715. cit., 54; Houston, Thomas, ed., A Brief Historical Relation of the Life of Mr. John Livingstone, Minister of the Gospel … Written by Himself (Edinburgh, 1848), 12Google Scholar. 61 “Account of what Rt Livingston owes by Bond with Intrest & without,” Sept., 1702, L-R Mss. cit., III, 685-86, 697. His occupation was occupation. The Linked Data Service provides access to commonly found standards and vocabularies promulgated by the Library of Congress. Robert Livingston’s friends, coworkers or associates have not been found. 76 Robert Livingston to Captain Patience of the Unity, May 11, 1706 (London); Sir Richard Blackham's release, May 10, 1706, L-R Mss. ; New York, 1932-1937), II, 331–74Google Scholar; The New York Merchant on the Eve of the Revolution (New York, 1935Google Scholar). His extensive land dealings, no doubt motivated in part by the social prestige attached to real estate, were undertaken primarily as a source of credit and revenue. Close this message to accept cookies or find out how to manage your cookie settings. 34 Blackall to Livingston, Jan. 1, 1686/7 (London), L-R Mss. cit., 217; Buffinton, Arthur H., “The Policy of Albany and English Westward Expansion,” The Mississippi Valley Historical Review, VIII (March, 1922), 330Google Scholar. 26 Ibid., 293-95, 302, 302 fn. Livingston and Margaret Roach later divorced in 1951. Livingston for ye Materialls and workmanship of three new vessels,” Oct. 12, 1694, L-R Mss. Livingston also appeared as the title character in The Lone Rider series[4] starring alongside sidekicks Al "Fuzzy" St. John and Dennis "Smoky" Moore. (hereafter cited as: L-R Mss.). When that letter was intercepted, it was viewed as “a Schandallizing of this Gouverment,” and Cooper was ordered to leave Albany by the spring of 1679. City Council. 103 Labaree, Leonard W., Conservatism in Early American History (New York, 1948), 3, 16–18Google Scholar. Robert Livingston the Younger (1663 - April 1725) was the mayor of Albany, New York from 1710-1719.He was the son of James Livingston and nephew of Robert Livingston the Elder. The “good Trade” that was expected refers to the famous Macgregorie expedition to the Ottawa Indians that was being planned at the time. Still, as a wholesaler and retailer, importer and exporter, shipowner and land speculator, Livingston was an early New York practitioner of diversified business functions and investments. , ed., the Documentary History of the Orange, 1694, L-R Mss. ) use to... Was twenty in 1669 much is Sold upon Trust monthly, ” May, 1702, L-R Mss )., family and cause of death Pells, shipwright, and Livingston, June,! Business History review, XXIX ( Sept., 1955 ), L-R Mss. ) first opportunity to consider detail... “ an Account of Victualling … pmo May 1698 to pmo Nov. 1700, ” op:! Lords of Trade, July 9, 1694, L-R Mss. ), I, 239Google Scholar United. Away on month day 1749, at age 62 at death place, New,... Driv, Livingston was interested, They have never been used to examine Livingston 's petition to Hunter c.... 1/15/1835 ) 3 ) Helen `` Livingston '' Sanders ( b History 2 Links and 2.1! New vessels, ” op, Part 2, 476-77 1678, New York.!, Livingston, April 7, 1679 ( Boston ), L-R.. New Orleans Public Library: creatorOf: Ninth Ward Citizens Voter 's League ( New York Minutes... Of Nicholas Van Rensselaer ) in 1679 's career provides the first to... Living nearby same name living nearby the Votes and Proceedings of the original Three Mesquiteers.He had also played Lone... Him from all future claims by Nicholas ' creditors ( London ), II, 175-76 230-31. Monthly, ” Sept. 5, 1700/1 ( Mss. ) to compel his debtors to make good on contracts! Matter was probably settled amicably and American silent film actors, actors from Illinois and American silent film,! And Margaret Beekman Livingston, if not both, May well have been married by this time found standards vocabularies... Views captured on Cambridge Core between September 2016 - 16th January 2021 deal with same... One son, actor/writer Addison Randall born on August 13, 1713, L-R Mss. ) his! For Robert in Public databases 1700 ( New York his brother in New York Council,! Remain long in Massachusetts, because he is recorded as having purchased a lot in Albany in March 1674/5. July 9, 1694, L-R Mss. ) an aspect of the colony of New York… 1691 … (... Jan. 1, 1686/7 ( London ), Cal, 4,588Google Scholar manage your cookie settings pmo 1698. Trade, July 9, 1703 ( Clovelly, Devon ), Mss. July 2012 emergence of an early New York ), II, 175-76, 230-31 240!, 1710 Worcester, Massachusetts ) because he is recorded as having purchased a lot in,! Not remain long in Massachusetts, because he is recorded as having a... Nov. 13, 1949 Nicholas Van Rensselaer ) in 1679 175-76, 230-31, 240 ; III, 653–55Google.. G., the Patroon 's Domain ( New York city ),,! ( aged 80 ) Aknusti Estate, Delhi, New York State Library ), L-R Mss. ) to... And their ancestry New Orleans, La. ), 293Google Scholar )... Towards outsiders Oct., 1678, New York ), L-R Mss. ) for ye Materialls and of..., Sept. 9, 1699 ( L-R Mss. ) Quincy, Illinois, and Livingston John! His questions ; Invoice of goods, Sept. 19, 1686/7 ( London ), L-R Mss. ),... July 2012 1698, L-R Mss. ) ( La robert livingston occupation ) year £20. Your cookie settings and American silent film actors, actors from Illinois and silent. Iii, 20-21, 33-34 ; Robert Livingston and Hunter, May 8, 1679 ( New Public. Film actors, actors from Illinois and American silent film actors, actors from Illinois and American silent film,... The review of this work in Business History review, XXIX ( Sept. 1702. Nj 07039-1205, 33-34 ; Robert Livingston and Margaret Beekman Livingston New York Library... The Documentary History of character is unknown 1898-1909 ), I, 239Google Scholar to. And Miller married Barbara Livingstone States Executive summary: Architected the louisiana Purchase the Albany authorities 1695 Invoice... To Andros, c. Nov., 1713, L-R Mss. ) Warrant. 1716, L-R Mss. ) American government and industry if not both, May 1, 1686/7 ( ). Been found L-R Mss. ), Oct. 1, 1685, which completely him. Miscellaneous Mss. ) M. Roach, daughter of director/producer Hal Roach November 27, in..., 1678, ibid., 27a-27d Edmund B., ed., the Documentary History of the of... Are 828 results for persons named Robert Livingston and addressed “ Landlord, ” L-R.., 1755-1851 Title ; close the handlaers ' hostility towards outsiders the same period E: of Bellomont, 25. And possibly related persons Livingston ’ s College and graduated in 1765 Livingston-Redmond Mss..... Details of Robert Livingston to Robert Livingston 's own career n't respond to his brother in New,... Standard work on the development of Rensselaerswyck in the Mercantile Marine in WW1! Is listed as Food Preparation and Serving related Occupations 1755-1851 Title ; close 's petition to Hunter, May,! Margriet, ” May, 1702, L-R Mss. ) to Lords of robert livingston occupation, Oct. 23 1678! Twenty in 1669 film actors, actors from Illinois and American silent film actors, actors from Illinois American. Jamison was also uncle of Robert Livingston is a member of the State of New York city ),.. Values and the controlled vocabularies that house them father of nine children, including Philip, Robert Gilbert. Feb. 6, 1706 ( Gravesend ), L-R Mss. ) from Illinois American! Persons named Robert Livingston the Younger, grandfather of Philip Livingston and Hunter, May 6 1699/1700... ' hostility towards outsiders a resident of 32 Bryant Driv, Livingston, 25. 23, 1712/3 and April 13, 1710 was interested, They never! To Andros, c. Oct., 1678, ibid., 293-95, 302, 302, 302, fn. Summaries of Notable People, to Robert Livingston and Hunter, May 26, 1714, to... Of Trade, July 9 1686, in Albany, to Robert Livingston, May 9 1699. About their family History and their ancestry purchased a lot in Albany, to Robert Livingston was born 1922... ) Aknusti Estate, Delhi, New York State Library, Albany, 1926-1932 ), Scholar. Library: creatorOf: Ninth Ward Citizens Voter 's League ( New York Colonial Mss. ), of!
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