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Her character development is amazing think about when she go Resurrected she was stuck in a moment in time which she hated Inuyasha and wanted to kill him she didn't know anything else she didn't know Naraku plan everything she just knew that Inuyasha betrayed her okay I do admit that some of the things she did was cruel but the way she atoned was amazing slowly and slowly we saw her goin back to how she used to be until the climax where she did the ultimate sacrifice and gave Kagome Inuyasha. Kikyo clearly knew the way to get rid off all the troubles is when Shikon Jewel and Naraku disappear. Why? Kanna | It took me more than 2 years to forget someone I loved. Moryomaru | 5 Answers. Her whole life is a sorrow. True love means acceptance. What I don't get is how people dislike Kagome. To get rid of the jewel and with it, her responsibilities to it. Root Head | Although she is one of the main supporting protagonists, her moral standing is extremely ambiguous for a good portion of the series. OH AND BY THE WAY KIKYO AND INUYASHA WERE A THING BEFORE KAGOME, so actually stupid Kagome actually hurt herself. I should add that kikyo also wishes to kill naraku once that happens! I love both the characters...kagome is inuyashas 2nd chance to be with kikyo I mean yes kagome dosnt have the old memories of the first kikyo but she does have her soul which is pretty much the most important part of a person as well as kikyos love for inuyasha....and that in a way makes kagome the "real" kikyo or the kikyo that once was that was full of love for inuyasha and the current kikyo is the emotion and memories manifested in a shell but her roll is important...shes around to develope kagomes character and we can understand her better not that its just ok heres this chick who has this soul who belongs to this other person kikyo is a tragedy that turns into a happy ending because she actually does get to be with him as a reincarnation and plus kikyo is the only character that gives kagome depth they both give each other depth in fact and you cant have one without the other they are 2 sides of the same coin..just my 2 cents I could be wrong just an imo kinda thing. He is aspiderhanyōwho was born from thehuman,Onigumo, and various otheryōkai. This was true when she appered, her attitude changed later. Yes, it's stupid bullshit. For a time, Kikyō seemed to be on Naraku's side since she handed him Kagome's Shikon jewel shards, to which this action caused Inuyasha to accuse Kikyō of betrayal. Jaken | 2/12/2018. But I think people fail to release is that kikyo is a amazing character in the inuyasha story and here's my reason. Relevance. Alias Then they came to a spot where Kagome's scent stopped. This way!" Bankotsu | However, with a love triangle between Inuyasha, Kagome, and Kikyo, bitter emotions and feelings were bound to sprout.. Kikyo definitely hates Kagome since she things Kagome took Inuyasha from her. Tragic Collector of Souls, Drag Inuyasha into Hell with her (formerly)Destroy Naraku and the Shikon Jewel (succeeded). If you love someone you want their happiness. I do not believe she intended to be, of course, but I think she should have been more relaxed about it and allow him to make the choice, based upon what HE wanted, not what she wanted. But at least she hadn’t gone completely evil. And that's the main thing that bothers me. TV-MA-LV. - Kikyo ... two act totally different but what I like about them is that they are close because Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo so that’s why they look so similar in appreances. Okay, I believe it's time for me to clear the air, Kikyo was a priestess that was restricted from any freedom, she didn't want to change InuYasha, he wanted to be normal and Kikyo wanted to be with him. 2/12/2018. Yes i'm and Inukag lover I don't hate kikyo because of that (well partly because she's always in the way) And some of you would be like but she died for him, ok that is true love I just don't like the fact that she wants him to go to hell with her and stuff. Kagome is extremely useless she's only keeping Inuyasha from destroying a village or hundreds, and the times when she saved InuYasha's life useless junk oml. That's why people hate Kikyo, that's why I hate Kikyo. You people never think about Kikyo, it's always Kagome, Kagome Kagome!! Can you can who made inuyasha to make more movie and episode. How is Kagome any better than her. First of all, she lived at a time 50 years ago. She is also the older sister to Kaede and Inuyasha's original love interest. Naraku | I need to know why do you think like that? You think that doesn't hurt? Share. Oh I don't hate her, I just don't like her with Inuyasha! And when she found out the truth about what had happened to her, she actually helped Inuyasha and Kagome fight Naraku. She was the original first love interest of Inuyasha and the secret obsession of the evil Naraku. I should add that kikyo also wishes to kill naraku once that happens! another said. 3. same era i like all inuyasha characters! And for what? Just saying... :). 7/15/2015. I also refuse to see InuKag as an actual couple because they don't talk, they constantly scream at each other, they never try to work out their problems. dont say that! However, Kikyō, after her resurrection, was not always as kind as she once was. Kagura | Like the 'Team Edward/Team Jacob' Twilight bullshit. Okay first makes Kagome feel hurt? And she curses others, such as Naraku and etc. i think they hate kikyo cuz the ending is inu and kagome togather so the makikyon characters are kikyonu and kagome why would they bother looking at others if they love inuyasha well that goes for girls i love kikyo as inuyashas whife i dont like kagome she is the jelous type i cryed when kikyo died :'( but i have to get over it sens kagome is kikyo's recarnation than kikyo will be with inuyasha too cuz kagome has kikyo's soul anyways the reason they hate kikyo is mostely cuz they dont like her and inu togather or maybe i should say cuz they already know she wont be with him (sorry for miss spells some my computer keys arent working sorry), I like kikyo why would inuyasha married kagome instead i like when kikyo kiss inuyasa are they suppose to get married. —Kikyō contemplating her existence. How could Kikyo be this evil? Master archerImmense spiritual power Guest chapter 1 . That's why she does things without explanation. In the beginning I liked Kikyo but after everything I just can't stand her! InuYasha’s Jar I actually like Kagome x Inuyasha better. But what did she ever did that Kikyo didn't? I USED TO HATE HER BUT AFTER WATCH THE TRAGIC LOVE SONG OF DESTINY ON INUYASHA I ACTUALLY LIKE HER NOW. She's a nice girl and I'd respect her story if she didn't come and mess things up for Kagome who barely has a chance in this world, this world which has become her life. She did some bad things when she came back, but that wasn't truly her. Naraku disguised himself as Inuyasha and struck down Kikyō, and then attacked Inuyasha while disguised as Kikyō. It depends on your opinion if you like her or not. Inuyasha, run! Kikyo was a very special priestess, as she was tasked to guard the Sacred Jewel. KYAAA! She was revengeful even as the priestess that she even pinned Inuyasha to a tree to suffer for eternity, not allowing him to have a merciful death. And also Inuyasha, Im having really a turn of heart because he cant choose, and its messing with me. Kikyō was also very good with children during her lifetime; no matter what village she went to, the children were always fond of her. I Actually do Hate Kikyo with a burning passion. Well, wait, she didn't say that she hated her. She’s far from being a saint, what with collecting the souls of dead girls to keep her body mobile. 1 Synopsis 2 Summary 3 Characters in Order of Appearance 4 Notes Naraku emerges from Mount Hakurei and reveals his true purpose for taking refuge in the mountain: killing Kikyō. Why does everyone hate Kikyo so much? She would've given her life to save anyone, and Songo was willing to kill Rin, a child, for a man she has known for a year. The only time I had any real positive feelings for Kikyo was in the Final Act when she finally died for good. I think Kikyo was really beautiful and kind, I don't see why she has so much hate. Kikyo vs Kagome. She knew, and she helped Inuyasha's group many times secretly. She also steals souls for no reason because she honestly didn't contribute too much to the fight. A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News. She's not the worst person ever but she's definitely a really annoying character. For starters I won't call her a bitch. And for her being so in love with him, she was so quick to believe he betrayed him without looking for explanations. To be honest, Kikyou is a woman too mature for her age, she is smart and cunning, and it was her intelligence ( when giving Naraku the shards) that made people hate her, cause they can't understand her. 1 decade ago. And so it is why Kikyo smiles wryly here. I think the reason most people hate her is because they love Inuyasha and Kagome together, so they find Kikyo as a nuisance who keeps getting in their way. She also begins to accept that Kagome is taking her place in the world and that she is Inuyasha's true love. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Kikyo?oldid=4020951. If a story is set in the canon universe, then Kikyou is not really the other woman, in my opinion. However, her duty as the jewel's protector also meant that she could not show any signs of weakness, lest demons or evil men should take advantage of her.As a priestess, Kikyō spent her life fending off demons who attempted to steal the Shikon Jewel, as well … Kikyō was always known as a compassionate woman. Graphics/Art. Kagome is constantly jealous and displays this in the most infuriating manner. I mean I do believe he would be better with Kagome, what would he do with a dried up pile of clay that uses the very souls he is trying/not trying but protecting anyway. I would have been fine with Kikyo's life and death, but when she was revived so many times, it kind of got on my nerves. A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News. But I guess we can't change other people's minds and opinions. Kikyo didn't try to take InuYasha from Kagome! 1 History 2 Romances 2.1 InuYasha 3 Love Rivals 3.1 Kagome Higurashi 4 Gallery Kikyo was a priestessduring the duringand, at one time, InuYasha's main love interest. I'm from asia, and as far as i'm aware of, most people in asia ( japan, china, philipines, etc )love kikyo.. Does she deserve that too? I actually respect this answer. Its not just she tried to kill Kagome, and Inuyasha. Kagome created an illusion of an evil Kikyo out of raw bitterness and was never able to realize it was an illusion until she was told so bởi the Guardian of Mount Azusa himself. I mean she killed the person who bought her back to "life". Yes, It was right to move on but Saying will always be easier than Doing when it comes to love. Kikyō sported a red obi, (a sash-belt) to hold her garments together. XD. And it's also absolutely terrifying when you first fall in love with someone, especially if you have trust issues. Mistress Three-Eyes | picc.lover chapter 1 . Answer Save. Reviews for How evil Kikyo is! - I think Kikyo was really beautiful and kind, I don't see why she has so much hate. Kagome has a chance to but Kikyo keeps showing up and trying to convince him she's more important. However, because of the Shikon Jewel's manipulations, her soul reincarnated into Kagome Higurashi, thus ensuring that the Jewel's never-ending cycle of the battle between Naohi (the spirit of good) and Magatsuhi (the spirit of evil) continued inside it. Her anger faded later on and she became good again. Occupation She's barely even close to being a teenager and everyone epects her to act like Kikyo who is a grow adult already! Eventually Kikyo would have been stuck in the cycle that the Jewel created, just like it did with the first priestess before Kikyo and whoever the demon that priestess fought. Manami look at witch. Kikyo always made other people happy and protected them. because she is clearly getting in the way of the perfect relationship between inuyasha and kagome I know that she was there first but I think her time has now past and she should let go also I feel that kagome and inuyasha are a slightly better pair than him and kikyo. Kikyo is by far the better woman. Why does everyone hate Kikyo so much? Kagome, honestly is a selfish, ditsy brat, in battle she just stands there 99% of the time or screaming for InuYasha like a crazed banshee. And yes Kagome is ditsy naive and innocent but at times she is the bravest of them all and remember SHE'S 15 at the time!! Even then she continued to only help people. She is the former keeper of the Shikon Jewel and the priestess of whom Kagome Higurashi is the modern-day reincarnation of. She talks with little emotion but her words are powerful. Sounga | She was alright at the end but honestly she caused all of this because she didn't want to accept Inuyasha. Of course she assumed the person who killed her was InuYasha because it looked like him! Good is evil. The woman I knew and loved would never hurt an innocent human. - I need a full and normal answer. Kikyō wore the traditional dress of a miko, which has remained essentially unchanged to this day except for the lack of the slit-shoulder seam. Kikyo is dead and it has been expressed multiple times that she does not belong on the earth and can never be with Inuyasha. Her lovable down-to-earth personality makes her likable. Essentially, she is to Kagome as Sesshomaru is to Inuyasha. It was so sick and pathetic that even in her forced revival, she was a spiteful spirit who chose to continue living by stealing other's souls just so she can complete her revenge. Watch it again and pay closer attention while blocking out your mind only then can you understand Kikyo. He can do no wrong, after all. Sorry. Due to this, people treated her differently. Not saying it was necessarily right on her end, but I can understand it. Even during her first life she was difficult to like. Move on to the afterlife and let others be in peice. They don't see a character who met a tragic end, they don't see how she provides conflict between InuYashaxKagome and therefore makes the story BETTER, they just act like they've gotta or something. I will get into my geekdom once more and ask you Inuyasha fans, do you hate Kikyo and why? They bumped in each other accidentally. Her anger faded later on and she became good again. 'Huh?' Setsuna no Takemaru | I take no Antwort like "Because she's a bitch" oder "Because I like Ka Frage and answer in the Inuyasha club Sara Asano | Anyway, when you put it all in perspective, Kikyo is a far more complex character than she first appears. If this plan had worked, it might have been possible for Kikyō to carry on the life of an ordinary woman alongside Inuyasha and for him to feel like he belonged somewhere as a human finally. Kikyo Kagura Yura and Kanna are finding The Nuclear. So he/she told why. She wants Inuyasha to go to hell with her becuase she feels he owes her that. 0 1,863. Jaken | Kagome just annoys the crap out of me, that's why I dislike her. Kikyo is a Kuja warrior from Amazon Lily.1 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Abilities and Powers 3.1 Haki 4 History 4.1 Amazon Lily Arc 4.2 Post-War Arc 5 Anime and Manga Differences 6 Trivia 7 References 8 Site Navigation Kikyo is a slim normal-sized Kuja woman with tan skin and long black hair arranged in a ponytail. Kagome just stays in the feudal era to see InuYasha, Miroku, Sango, and Shippo. 5. Although the episode was decent there were certainly some issues. Taigokumaru | Honestly, the main reason why I dislike is because she is as constant nuisance to Inuyasha and Kagome's relationship. She was once consumed by the hatred... but it was before she learned about the truth. A villager said "Priestess, please take care of the beast." Good is evil. Thank you someone realizes she's not the same person he fell in love with! Murder "Kagome is just a burden to InuYasha who's only good for finding jewel shards" why'd you continue watching the show if you hate her? "Please… please." It is some valid reasoning, in my opinion, and this is coming from a Kikyo fan. It hurted her more than any! She wanted Inuyasha to use the sacred jewel to be human. While we see Kikyo grow into the kind, beautiful, loving woman she truly is. Kikyo is a jilted lover. I understand Kagome was very kind and helpful too. Kikyo is the best person in this show PERIOD. Nope. Because she wasn't Kikyo anymore! Kikyo trys to act mature but is still jealous of Kagome and won't give him up even when she knows she dead and being with her would only hurt Inuyasha. I understand that she must have been very hurt but then, she also hurt Inuyasha and others a lot because of the things she did just because of a mistake in judgment. if you think about it kikyo wants inuyasha to die because she wants inuyasha for herself i think that is selfish. Naraku holding Kikyo. Anyway, when you put it all in perspective, Kikyo is a far more complex character than she first appears. Kikyo: (wry smile, thinking) Right off the cliff… 'Right off the cliff' sounds like 'naraku sokoka', and the meaning of Naraku's name is the bottom of the cliff. reasons why kikyo should go with inuyasha 1. inuyasha loves kikyo and vice verca 2. there age is resonable! I don't really hate Kikyo I just think its not right for her to be with Inuyasha. REALLLYY? Throughout the series I didn’t see these two getting along because they … But she was not evil. Joe RogJJJan and Jimmy Dore talk about how creepy Amazon is. But you know, I don't think Kikyou is a bad person. Sara Asano | When Kikyo was resurrected, she felt so many negative emotions and when she realized her duty, she felt to go alone. She is however selfish and spiteful in my opinion and the one comment that got to me was someone saying Kagome will never understand Kikyo's pain. Great story, love the likely bashing! It may take a few reviews to get her story right, Also you have to understand when Kikyo was ressurected she wasn't herself, she was a broke ghost frozen in time. - I need a full and normal answer. Or is it? Is that why? She doesn't truly love Inuyasha. Ginkotsu | In fact, I love her. Konton | It became Kikyō's duty to spend her lifeguarding the jewel, protecting it from the wicked humans and demons who sought it for their selfish means. - I need a full and normal answer. Subscribe to WickedBinge https://bit.ly/34Y6msTDisney Villains: Evil to Most EvilThe House of Mouse, Happiest Place on Earth… You get the idea. XD But don't worry, InuYasha pisses me off too. The fact the MirSan a better developed couple is overshadowed by this sickens me. wats so bad about her? Reviews for How evil Kikyo is! Suikotsu | And the resurrection of Kikyo and Inuyasha's persistence to see her, everytime she's around hurts Kagome. Farewell Kikyo, My Beloved is the one hundred twenty-fourth episode of the InuYasha anime. She could have asked Inuyasha for an explanation (like how any normal person would) or she could have gone to her little sister sooner after her revival to clear things up but nooo, she had to make everything dramatic and tried dragging Inuyasha to hell by using his love for her again. Kagome was as an ungrateful girl with a messed up sense of morality and seriously flawed priorities. That's all. It wasn't like that she tried to take Inuyasha away from Kagome anymore. i think Kikyo should go with inuyasha and kagome just go date hojo! It was Inuyahsa who kept hurting Kagome you thoughtless twit. Gaia Online is an online hangout, incorporating social networking, forums, gaming and a virtual world. Girls like kagome because they are like kagome, they are weak and in need of strength. She is made of clay, she changed, once she was kind but now no. Though Kikyo knew that Onigumo was a rancid man, she still decided to help him and nurse him when he suffered horrific burns all over his body that left him immobilized. Although she is one of the main supporting protagonists, her moral standing is extremely ambiguous for a good portion of the series. I used to dislike her before, cause i thought she is a nuisance to InuKag, but now, i just love her character, and the only one i dislike in this love triangle, is InuYasha instead. She was very strong and wise when she was alive. True Kagome and Kikyo both do things all the same but InuYasha has feelings for both so if he's with Kikyo he won't forget about Kagome and vice versa. Kikyo is cold. It broke her heart!) But at least she hadn’t gone completely evil. She annoys me, and not just because I like Kagome. She said, "If you hurt Inuysasha, I'll kill you." I honestly don't like Kikyo a lot and I disagree a LOT with what you're saying. - I need a full and normal answer. That was a part of her soul that died angry and hurt. The answer is simple. Byakuya | 1. I take no answers like "Because she's a bitch" or "Because I like Kagome". She could have killed but she didn't. I just think that Inuyasha doesn't belong with her, because their relationship was too easy to tear apart. Trump is falling behind in the count — and in the courts. Easy, I hate her because she tried to kill Kagome and tried to drag Inuyasha down to hell with her. REALLY? Like all Kujas, she wears revealing clothes and carries a snake weapon. Kagame is simply more likable. I DO NOT HATE KIKIYO. Its just her attitude at it all. McConnell: Big stimulus not needed based on jobs report Inuyasha: 5 Reasons Sango Is The Best Girl (& 5 Why It ... that doesn't stop her from being a useful fighter in demon battles. So basically Inuyasha is the reason for BOTH of their haters. "I keep getting an evil feeling whenever I think of Kikyo" Kagome saw Kikyo kiss Inuyasha yet she still helps him out and also Kikyo helped Naraku out by giving all the shards that Kagome and Inuyasha collected.
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