Something that is a standard reading assignment for film School students. One of the new-ish books on the list, another practical guide. Then join our online film school, complete with a comprehensive filmmaking course. I completely concur. And he made the entire movie with minimal equipment and no crew. The next time you’re in need of a no-nonsense, clear-cut filmmaking compendium, you can turn to one of these thorough titles! The exercises in the book are a great way to hone your skills in not just directing, but also in editing, sound design, cinematography etc. Gilles explains the fundamental skills and techniques of screenwriting and making a short film arming you with the two calling cards you'll need to break into Hollywood – without having spent the tuition or a minute in a classroom. For the most part the book goes into explaining the technical aspects and common issues in working with film, video, lenses, sound recording, editing, and lighting, but it is written in a style that makes these topics rather accessible. 'Sculpting in Time' by Andrey Tarkovsky Nietzsche's "The Birth of Tragedy out of the Spirit of Music"... impossible to understand the purpose of art without it. Sound off in the comments below. Its easy to dip and out of and separated into useful sections. One of my favourites i read early on was "How to Shoot a Feature Film for Under $10,000 (and not go to jail)" by Bret Stern. It’s everything you need to learn how to create professional narrative and documentary films using the equipment you already have, wherever you live, with guidance, community, and resources at a fraction of the cost of traditional film school. Within a few weeks he is living out of his car and making student films with stolen equipment. Directing: Film Techniques & Aesthetics. We offer classes in screenwriting, directing, animation, cinematography, producing, and editing. With so many books on filmmaking already on the market I wasn't sure what to expect from a book titled "everything you didn't know you need to know," but this was all stuff that I wished I'd known years ago. I love a good book written by an executive. The real question is, “Can you write a good story?”. Can anyone help point in the direction of filmmaking books that are new? It's mostly for cinematographers (obviously), but gaffers, operators, and very definitely ACs should have and read this book. It's based on his diary from the time he shot "Fitzcarraldo". FILM SCHOOL 4 TEENS Filmmaking, film analysis, and film history in an online, video based, self-paced course. While we hope this site is itself a good resource for learning, there are so many good books on filmmaking that we thought we'd start recommending and compiling them. Michael Rabiger’s and Mick Hubris-Cherrier’s manual is at once a broad overview and deep investigation of film directing. From countless interviews with all of the key players from both decades, each of these books provides a fascinating chronicle of the stories behind the stories. Highly recommended. Throughout the rest of the book, he introduces many other intriguing ideas about editing, and thankfully, they’re all technology-agnostic. A filmmaker many more people should watch. - J. a selection of 10 best books on filmmaking for beginners, 7 books written by famous filmmakers to inspire you, how to get better sound in your indie films, join our online film school, complete with a comprehensive filmmaking course, 7 Books by Famous Filmmakers to Inspire You, 10 Best Books on Filmmaking for Beginners, 4 Examples of Good Visual Writing in a Movie Script, 5 Essential Elements of Successful Mise en Scène in Film, How to Write a Powerful Documentary Film Proposal, 3 Production Documents You Need to Make for Your Film Shoot. Oh, and digital cameras are cheaper than the film cameras of decades past, when access to a celluloid-shooting camera was a major reason to go to film school. Get your FREE copy of the eBook called "astonishingly detailed and useful" by Filmmaker Magazine! Great list. Again. Beyond the facts of the crime, you still don't know what exactly the "truth" is. If you are not quite sure yet if filmmaking is the thing you want to do in your life, after reading this, you will. I consider this the "If you only read one book about digital filmmaking". 'Into the Abyss' by Herzog comes to mind too, since he does essentially the same thing Capote did uncovering the story of and the community surrounding a murder. All Rights Reserved. In the Blink of an Eye takes it all the way back to the basics, not unlike the David Mamet book (and it’s also based on a lecture). (3) in the Blink of the Eye: Murch - plus he's got some great articles on mixing online that are a must for filmmakers. Then you’re going to go back and read Aristotle’s Poetics until you can quote it.”, Craig Mazin here: “Frankly, I would much prefer to see people go online and read a free public domain copy of Aristotle’s Poetics, which I think has more actual philosophical meat behind it about what the point and purpose of drama is, both good and bad.”, And Craig Mazin here: “What is useful when you are writing a movie is what Aristotle, going all the way back to Poetics, called ‘unity.’ And that is, at its core, an argument, and what I call a central dramatic argument: an assertion that is the answer to a question, that you could agree or disagree with, but ultimately is at the… It is when people say, “What is this movie really about?” It’s about that.”, So, don’t take my word for it. July 18, 2012 at 11:22PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. I think it will help most probably independent film makers. Here are the books Caldeano names in the video: Cinematography: Theory and Practice by Blain Brown; Master Shots by Christopher Kenworthy; Screenplay by Syd Field; The Filmmaker's Eye by Gustavo Mercado; Film Directing Shot by Shot by Steven D. Katz; Let's just get this out of the way right now—Syd Field's Screenplay—some of you hate it, some of you love it.Suffice it to say that some … The Books. Books on film editing were a surprisingly great help for understanding direction (Edward Dmytryk's On Film Editing, for example, or Murch). The best book on filmmaking is 'ON FILM-MAKING' by Alexander Mackendrick who directed classic films like 'Sweet Smell of Success,' It consists of some of the lectures he gave at Cal Arts when he ran their film school so perhaps it runs counter to this idea that film school is not worth going to. If you … 'Notes on Cinematography' by Robert Bresson August 16, 2012 at 12:23PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. We’ve also curated a supplemental reading list, featuring 7 books written by famous filmmakers to inspire you. a lot! July 17, 2012 at 6:42PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. As far as documentary filmmaking goes, this story shows how even stories based on true events, you are shaping reality. Murch develops a few ideas that are extremely useful to editors, with the most interesting being the rule of six. If I could recommend only one book to an aspiring filmmaker, it would be "Voice and Vision: A Creative Approach to Narrative Film and DV Production" by Mick Hurbis-Cherrier. (1) Something like an Autobiography: Kurosawa. - RK. I recommend two books: Narrative Comprehension and Film by Edward Branigan; The Phantom of the Cinema by Lloyd Michaels. Christine Vachon, producer and founder of Killer Films, shoots straight in this memoir about exactly what a producer does – which is whatever it takes to get the movie made. In a world driven by intellectual property, it's good to have some books you think could become great movies. The Filmmaker's Eye: Learning (and Breaking) the Rules of Cinematic Composition by Gustavo Mercado. Cinematography: Theory and Practice should no doubt be at the top though it might be a bit too technical for some. Actually you are wise when you use that wisdom you learned about. Film School Books. An absolutely essential book for everyone who want to be a part of this industry. It was written almost three thousand years ago, but I promise you, if something is wrong with what you're writing, you've probably broken one of Aristotle's rules.”, John Logan: “If you want to be a successful screenwriter, here’s the secret…Here it is, I’m going to tell you. Why? like this take a lot of work? The 4 books I consider essential - 1 is in the article, 1 in the comments as they are by filmmakers with the experience, genius and generosity to contribute more than the obvious, surface aspects to filmmaking. FYI: Cookies help run our website. It's 100+ pages on what you need to know to make beautiful, inexpensive movies using a DSLR. To me, it's not a how-to book (though its title would suggest otherwise). Directing Actors: Creating Memorable Performances for Film & Television | Judith Weston. This Video Essay on 'Fleabag' Will Make You an Expert on Perspective, Laowa's New Argus Lens Series Will Thrive in Low Light, Giant Leap Accelerator Creates Opportunities for Asian-Pacific American Writers, Check Out George Clooney, Spike Lee, Regina King, and More in This THR Director Roundtable, 4 Things to Know Before Tackling a Feature Film, We Turned Our Improv Set into a Comedy Webseries in Seven Days, Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul. However, I am puzzled by your inclusion of Robert McKee's Story, when there are 3 other screenwriting books which I thon would be much more helpful to aspiring writers, directors and producers: Christopher Vogler's book The Writers Journey has got to be number 1, followed closely by John Truby's Anatomy of Story. Definitely learn everything you can, be familiar, but don’t be mediocre at everything—have expertise in something. -and also "The bare bones camera course for film and video" by tom schroepple, July 25, 2012 at 4:33PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. Read the Bible. 'My Last Sigh' by Luis Bunuel What books on filmmaking are worth reading? -CB. July 17, 2012 at 9:04PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM, just to add to the this great list and in my opinion a good foundation to understand the why behind each setup A must-have guide for students who are considering applying to film school, this book provides more than 20 profiles of the best film school programs across the country. After all, after you learn how the camera works, you should be interested in life/lives, right?. October 17, 2012 at 10:28AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. Frazer's "The Golden Bough", an encyclopaedic essay on poetic motifs in western literature: Robert Grave's "The White Goddess: A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth". 'The Five C's of Cinematography' by Joseph Mascelli, July 17, 2012 at 4:14PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. July 17, 2012 at 4:59PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. I don’t think I necessarily agree with him encouraging filmmakers to be jack of all trades, as filmmaking is naturally a collaborative effort. - J. Minich, If you want to make your mark in the film industry from an independent angle, Reed Martin's The Reel Truth contains real-world knowledge interspersed with interviews with everyone from directors like Doug Liman to producers like Christine Vachon, to multitudes of agents, managers, executives, and distributors. If you replace "puck" with "storytelling," The Art of Immersion effectively traces the path of the puck and points to where it's going. This is what you have to do, it’s great – don’t tell anyone. My advice is to read it, think about it, but don’t let it influence your work unless you want it to. Hey there terrific blog! Does running a blog Technology knoweledge gives sense for story telling. As far as documentary filmmaking goes, Capote shows how even with stories based on true events, you as a director are ultimately shaping reality. Anyway, should you have any suggestions But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream (Jay Stevens), July 17, 2012 at 1:42PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. Some of them from the perspective of Comparative Literature studies: Aurbeach's foundational text on Comparative Literature, "Mimemis: The Representation of Reality in the Western World". The School of Theater and Cinematic Arts' film program is ranked 26th in the nation, according Werner Herzog's "Conquest of the Useless" is the best book i've read on filmmaking. It also prepares you to make decisions like a professional director does. July 19, 2012 at 3:31PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. July 18, 2012 at 8:46AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM, July 19, 2012 at 2:30PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM, "Movie Business Book" edited by Jason E. Squire. July 18, 2012 at 1:04AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. How about read AND write? I'd have to add 'Directing Actors' by Judith Weston (apologies if someone has already mentioned this). Like the French master himself, it is the connection between the images on screen that matters more than the performance of the actor. The one and only book on the history of narrative style. August 29, 2014 at 7:42PM, Edited September 4, 8:56AM, Speaking of books, if any of you is a grad-student or a researcher in a university looking to publish and is interested in film theory, check this out:, September 24, 2014 at 4:47AM, Edited September 24, 4:47AM. These cookies do not store any personal information. Novelist Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art is short, but it packs a … hoping to start my own blog in the near future. However im looking for something more technical … McKee likes to pretend that by using the word "form" instead of "formula" he's encouraging originality, but I remember thinking after reading the book in college that Story was most useful from a "learn to walk before you run" standpoint. July 18, 2012 at 8:28AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. July 18, 2012 at 3:17PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. Oh, good one, I have that too... there will definitely be a part 2 of this. hell yeah, bunuel and trauffaut. July 24, 2012 at 4:45PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. This point of view is rarely … There are recommended exercises throughout to help you pace yourself and get some hands-on experience. No matter what genre you're working in, one goal for your screenplay should be for it to read well, and knowing some best practices formatting-wise can always help in that regard. Cyborg Manifesto (Donna Haraway) Shooting to Kill chronicles Vachon’s experiences of becoming a producer in the 90’s with honesty and wit. Of course, you’ll find valuable content here regardless of whether or not you need to know the ins and outs of Hollywood set etiquette! If you are not going to film school and want to learn the CRAFT.. this is the book! To help you avoid cluttering your bookshelf and spending a small fortune on your education, we’ve curated a selection of 10 best books on filmmaking for beginners. July 20, 2012 at 2:55AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. Thanks All rights reserved. July 17, 2012 at 7:16PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. Like The Reel Truth, Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul is a practical book about the vagaries of the independent film industry -- it isn't designed to improve your storytelling skills, it's designed to improve your knowledge of all the distribution options currently available. These fifteen books are really just the starting point of a conversation. Gaston Bachelard's "The Poetics of Space". Whatever you want to call them, it's helpful to know the forms/formulas/principles/rules of screenwriting, even if you're just going to forget about them when you're knee-deep in your draft. In the Blink of an Eye by Walter Murch. The War of Art | Steven Pressfield. Walter Murch. Fiat Lux Freshman Seminars (1) Seminar, one hour. Fade up & zoom in... After graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Critical Studies from the world's finest Film school, and after finishing five semesters in USC's graduate Production program, Wendy has listed the TEN BOOKS she found most helpful over the years. Subscribe to receive the free PDF! Must have read it at least 15 times... Don't know about his 'Bambi vs Godzilla' or whatever it's called. This book is just pure GOLD. Whether you’re an NYU or visiting college student, high school student or working professional, we provide you with the introductory exposure to the performing or cinematic … Confession: I hated history in high school. What will really make this post a valuable resource is if you chime in with your own favorites. Close. I'm looking for a good textbook that talks about basic editing techniques. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The USC School of Cinematic Arts (commonly referred to as SCA)—formerly the USC School of Cinema-Television, otherwise known as CNTV—is a private media school within the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California.The school offers multiple undergraduate and graduate programs covering film production, screenwriting, cinema and media studies, animation and digital arts, media … Some of these books are even becoming major motion pictures and TV shows in their own right. It also gives a good overview of fundamental techniques and aesthetic considerations in all the aforementioned topics. On Directing Film is short and sweet, and can easily be read in a day, but the ideas that he puts forth will leave you thinking about what makes a film good long after you’ve put it down. 'On Film-making' by Alexander Mackendrick We’ve all heard stories about directors’ humble beginnings and their rise to success, but I think all too rarely do we get a detailed account of just exactly what they went through to get where they are, and that’s what I love best about Rebel Without a Crew. If ever there was an inspiring example of what an indie filmmaker can do on a low budget, this is it. He reflects upon all the (tremendous) obstacles they had to overcome, why he didn't want to shoot in a studio, how working in an unfamiliar environment (the deepest jungle) for months affected him, his inner struggles as a filmmaker, and so forth. Don't let your film leave home without it. Another NYU film school essential, Cinematography: Theory and Practice reveals the art and science of telling stories visually. How to Write a Screenplay During Quarantine [FREE 100-page eBook], How WiFi 6e Will Upgrade Your Internet Experience, Mirrorless Canon Users Have New Lenses to Look Forward To. July 19, 2012 at 2:33PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. - RK. Probably one of the few books on filmmaking written by one of the truly great directors. Informative and comical. The Tools of Screenwriting by David Howard July 17, 2012 at 9:23PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. It’s an invaluable point of reference for directors, especially when starting out, that presents collaborative techniques along with supporting anecdotes and examples. This boils down to admissions rate, student loan default rate, retention rate, graduation rate, and the percent of students enrolled in online classes. Want to take your filmmaking education further? | Crafted with care in NYC. This book was required reading while I was studying filmmaking at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and for good reason. If you’re confused about the director-actor relationship or unsure where to begin, Directing Actors provides an excellent framework. Rodriguez went through a lot physically, emotionally, and financially, but he persevered by virtue of his hard work, thorough planning, and creative problem solving. Covering such key areas as curriculum, student body, reputation, and employment options for film school grads, the authors provide solid, objective information on each program as well as snippets from interviews with students … It's the spirit of "Rebel with a Crew" (Rodriguez writes the intro) but for this time. These are great reads for almost any level of filmmaker, so consider checking them out. I know this sounds cliched but, It is jam-packed with information on every aspect of making a movie from pre-production all the way through to post-production and distribution. You can read any number of them, and they will mostly tell you the same things. Meg Shields; January 11, 2021; What is the 180° Rule, Anyway? Film School Textbooks + Book Recommendations. Film is a visual me-dium, and the best-shot films are ones where you can tell what’s going on without hearing any of the dialogue. The audience should be able to ignore all of the individual aspects of a movie and remember how they felt while watching it --which is why emotion is number one. Homo Sacer (Agamben) i approve of this list. So … Directing Actors by Judith Weston These are two history books you won’t want to put down once you start to read them – and yet another lesson in good stories, well-told. (shelved 6 times as film-school) avg rating 4.24 — 5,044 ratings — published 1991. BTW...cinematographers and ACs have called this book "the Bible" for years...the Filmmaker's Handbook being called "the Bible" is a little bit of a stretch for a book that's only been out for 5 years and isn't associated with a trade organization or anything with any sort of consensus behind it. FIlm Production Theory by Jean Pierre Geuens Does it add to his previous book? Everything from technical to creative, Stu hits the all the critical points - from casting, to directing actors to important of sound plus so much great practical technical advice. Focal Press, 5th edition. "Producing & Directing The Short Film and Video" by Peter W. Rea and David Irving And as a bonus, check out books by Mark Travis, this is an untraditional approach to directing actors, some like it, some don't, but it is a really powerful stuff, he also hosts seminars where you can see how it works in person and participate as a director or as an actor. or techniques for new blog owners please share. - RK. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Only the Walter Kaufman translation, only that one. July 18, 2012 at 3:09AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM, July 18, 2012 at 3:11AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. In philosophy, I'd recommend "After Virtue" by Alasdair MacIntyre. A list of open access e-books related to film is also included. July 17, 2012 at 6:51PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. And then you move onto King Lear. Reflections by Benjamin Bergery. July 17, 2012 at 7:05PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. One of the reasons this site is named "No Film School" is because of the widespread availability of excellent materials for self-teaching these days: almost every movie is available on disc or online, DVD special features often make for great learning tools, and there are plenty of books on the topic. And don't forget to seek wisdom for yourself inside and outside of the text... You are not wise because you know or understand philosophy, you are wise when you receive wisdom. Given the fact that I know very little about making films, Is it recommended that I read the books in the order that they are presented? I don't know if they make this required reading at any film school, but they should -- this is not a book about theory or craft but about how the industry actually works. In the Blink of an Eye: A Perspective on Film Editing (Paperback) by. Anyone know if it's worth reading? Robert Rodriguez on the other hand, subjected himself to medical experimentation to raise the $7,000 he needed to make El Mariachi. i'd recommend that one for sure. Grammar of the Film Language by Daniel Arijon, July 17, 2012 at 10:57PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM. Besides, if you're submitting your screenplay to producers or studios, it's likely that whoever's writing coverage on your script will have read Story or one of its myriad contemporaries, and if you're getting notes on structure or form, it can be helpful to know your (fr)enemy. As one of our goals with No Film School is to make film education accessible to folks who can't afford film school, we've also listed used prices right in the widget (most of these books also have Kindle versions if you click through). Don’t worry about selection, we’ve got your textbook needs covered for any subject from biology, chemistry, and nursing to accounting, arts, and engineering. I actually have this very book sitting by my bedside... but I haven't read it yet so it'll have to wait 'til the next installment! An academic reading list to deepen your study of directing, cinematography, and sound in film. A comprehensive narrative of all the steps of creating a short film told from the perspective of the director & producer using case studies from award winning films. Film School on a Bookshelf: 15 Recommended Books for Aspiring (and Expert) Filmmakers On Directing Film by David Mamet. -CB, Countless books have been written on how to write a screenplay. If you're still curious for more, Terry Eagleton is probably one of the brightest and most lucid of Aestheticians alive.

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