Thus in the event of wear, the sleeve only can be renewed. should be prevented from falling out, which may happen in the case of a worn pin, because piston Once again, your most important tool could be your digital camera, especially if you are working on an unusual engine. . (c) Attach puller No. end of magneto shaft. (Except on engines of pre-1936 make. Secure the engine to the mounting plate with bolts inserted from the rear side of the plate through the engine mounting lugs on the (2) Remove oil sump bottom cover, screen and gaskets. FA-182 to hold crankshaft, loosen thrust nut with The extractor bolt for the centre hole should measure 5/16 x 2-in, threaded up to the head. Do not remove rear main bearing sleeve which is bolted to the crankcase rear section. For inspection it is of course only necessary to take off one Flywheel, which will permit the connecting rod and the roller cage to be slid off the crankpin, making all parts accessible for close inspection. Use an internal micrometer for this. Remove the dynamo with the inner half of the belt-cover after loosening the dynamo strap and pulling out the single pin plug from the dynamo. If the packing washer on top of the crankcase has been taken off or broken, fit a new one into position over the spigot at the bottom of the cylinder. The roller cage is supported on the crankpin and occasionally wears the outer edges. . FA-188 and use Valve (a) Prepare cylinders for sandblasting or scraping of the carbon from the combustion chamber by installing a suitable cylinder (2) Remove all of the intake pipe eta1ning nuts and lockwashers. The inner ring will then have to be ground and split to remove. is the easy way to get anything and everything done with the tap of your thumb. As the utmost cleanliness must be observed during the foregoing operations, it is advisable that the hands should be thoroughly wiped before carrying out this part of the work, as no dirt or foreign matter must be allowed to get on to the piston or cylinder bore, as this would be likely to cause damage. Examine the piston bosses to make sure that the small-end eye of the rod has had sufficient side clearance from the Piston, and has not been thrusting up against one of the bosses. Carbon lodged in the oil holes should be removed by cleaning with an • 1 Phillips head screw (C) of stopper. cone, then remove cone from crankshaft. (g) If the front main bearing remains on the crankshaft place the bearing As required. 4.Remove vacuum pipe, fuel pipe, auto choke, cap of spark plug, rear Brake cable carburetor pipe, engine flywheel shelf’s nut, starter Motor cable plate and rear damper bolt. With grease or oil in the bearing the rod must turn on the rollers perfectly freely. and verify by means of a surface gauge that the mandrel is parallel with the top machined face of the Crankcase and in line with the Crankshaft centre line. (c) Install a turning bar, FA-182, or Timing Disc, FA-16-2, on the These can be stuck in place with a little clean soft grease or vaseline. . This will aid in separating the crankcase rear section The pump gears should be a close fit in the body without end float. determine the re-installation positions of the air deflectors after the engine is Otherwise, set the vehicle up properly in the dismantling area and implement the appropriate proceduresfrom Section 2. If … 2,0 DOHC-16V engine 09/97 Scorpio ’95 00-01-1 Engine Assembly – Dismantle and Assemble (engine removed) (21 134 8) Special Tools 15030A 15-030A Universal flange-holding wrench 16067 16-067 Locator for clutch disc 21023 21-023 Universal mounting spindle for assembly stand 21031B 21-031B Mounting bracket 21036A 21-036A Remover for pilot bearing 21044A 21-044A Installer/locator for … 1, the The cams are ground with quietening ramps and these take up the clearance gradually. As required. Should new gears be fitted it may be necessary carefully to lap them in by rotating the spindle a few times with a small quantity of abrasive. This process is a relatively easy one and doesn’t take much effort to complete. (13) Use same procedure to remove rear main bearing as was used with this A small puller will be needed for the removal of the pinion. This damages the faces and will cause oil leakage after re-assembly. (1) After the engine has been removed from the packing box or airplane (refer to After the preliminary inspection all crankcase. scoring or burning due to undue friction, as it often happens that many valuable indications assembly order so that the inspection department can use them for reference during piston inspection. Any pitting of the roller track calls for renewal of the affected part, and the Crankpin will have to be taken out of the other Flywheel. The design and construction of a jet engine requires a great deal of knowledge from many di erent elds. The cage can easily be removed afterwards. 2.Take off the left and right body covers. above the machined faces surrounding the guide holes. These screws are secured by locking wires. See Figure 9. Any difference between the two dimensions may be made up by placing sims behind the outer rings of the bearings. Next the Cam-plate, etc., the Layshaft assembly and Gearshaft with its gears are refitted in that order. This adjustment is set correctly at the Factory, and generally no alteration to the setting is needed, but should the necessity arise, the Spindle should be set so that the three gears mesh without noticeable backlash, but run with perfect freedom of rotation. With new cams and followers or those known to be in good condition it is sufficient to check only the inlet opening position. Do not attempt to remove the thrust ring from the thrust cover. (1) Disconnect all cables from the magneto distributor blocks to which they are attached by means of a screw. … (b) Drive back the six crankcase bolts, that are between cylinders but do not pump. Assemble a PC• Necessary components for assembling a computer are: – Hard Drive – Memory Modules – Microprocessor – Power Supply – Heat Sink – Cooling Fan – Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) Cables – … After the rings are removed from the piston they should be mounted on card and adequately marked in proper To prevent further damage, perform the following steps after the repair: Carefully clean oil passages. necessity of selecting nuts at assembly. Disassemble and Reassemble a 4 Cycle Engine . From the information given above it will be clear that the chance of an engine stopping with the gears in the positions shown in Fig. All information concerning engine removal and refitting and engine block and cylinder head (3) Remove all ignition cables from the ignition cable tubes. gap(maximum) around the joint face of the crankcase. The use of the sprag is essential when removing any B.T.H. removing the gearcase assembly from the oven, tap lightly with a raw hide mallet on the end of the stud installed in the plug assembly. Particular Continue turning it, when it will be found that the nut (which forms its own extractor) will withdraw the unit from the armature if the pressure on the spanner is maintained. polishing, burnishing or subjecting them to the action of any cleaning solution other than Cut these and use new wires when re-assembling. You will be provided with a list of supplies needed, step-by-step directions on how to break the weapon down, and a troubleshooting guide in case you run into any problems. ), With the clearances specified the timing for the respective cams is :-. e. The threads on the front end of the crankshaft should, whenever possible, be covered with a suitable thread protecting . The actual numbers of teeth are : Crankshaft Pinion, 46 ; Intermediate gear, 93; Camwheel and Automatic Timing Unit, 92. FA-245-B over the two remaining studs on mounting face. from the shaft centres to the base and 2&3/8-in. The oil pump has to be taken out before the worm gear and crankshaft pinion can be removed. (This work can be done with the aid of a sharpened spoke). 1.4 Engine assembly is secured on an engine stand so that it is safe. assembly should be installed. It was loud, it used to roar and it used to be rather bulky. Note: Mark the running direction with chalk or a felt-tipped pen before removing the ribbed belt. Re-assemble the pump with clean oil on the gears. This should free the The unit includes identification and confirmation of work requirement, preparation for work, dismantling, measuring and testing of engine block and sub-assembly components, repair, checking, assembling of engine block and sub-assemblies and completion of work finalisation processes, including clean-up and documentation. (14) Reset crankshaft in vise as shown in Figure 12 and drive coupling pin out, using a soft drift. In for puller screw. After lapping it is of the utmost importance to take the pump apart again and to clean all parts thoroughly to remove even the smallest trace of abrasive. In order to build a modern jet engine, you need a lot of expe- rienced people from all these certain elds. Disconnect the cables from the positive battery terminal (the rear one). Installation on Assembly Stand (1) After the engine has been removed from the packing box or airplane (refer to Section III), it should be attached to the Engine Assembly Stand (Tool No. It is imperative that all The pin is a light driving fit with the piston cold. 3. 2.Take off the left and right body covers. withdrawn too far. piston by using a soft drift, at the same time being careful to support the piston in such a manner that no driving thrust is taken by the FA-71-1 and a hammer, remove rear bearing retaining nut as shown in Figure 14. Lower the engine onto the stand allowing the carburetor side of the rear section to … > Controls, Housing > Dismantling and assembling gearbox Controls, Housing. (a) Tachometer drive housing is fastened permanently to breather elbow and is not to be Slide the pump driving worm into position, fit the tongued washer and screw up and tighten the left-hand thread retaining nut. Finally separate the gearbox from the engine on the bench. (b) Loosen and remove retaining nuts and washers that secure carburetor to The studs on the ring are riveted and cannot be removed. Beginning at engine number MSS 6301, the use of parallel roller bearings was discontinued and this engine and those that follow are assembled with taper roller engine mainshaft bearings. stator assembly from the engine (fig 23) Slacken the chain sprocket nut. (7) Remove scavenger pump drive gear and woodruff key from pump drive shaft. If sandblasting is to be used, install rubber plugs in the valve guide from the inside. By rocking the Crankshaft back and forward whilst holding the spoke or wire the top dead centre position is readily found. (See Fig. (2) Remove Induction housing from assembly stand plate. long. Take care not to drive the gudgeon pin too far, and thus damage the piston boss on the other side by forcing it too hard against the circlip which is fitted. tool to pull front main bearing. (2) Replace and secure the magneto distributor blocks on their magnetos. may be removed with a fine wire brush. c. As parts or sub-assemblies are removed from the engine, they should be placed on a portable rack preparatory to being cleaned. Polo Mk4 > Volkswagen Workshop Manuals > Engine > 4-cylinder injection engine > Engine cooling > Dismantling and assembling parts of cooling system > Assembly overview - parts of cooling system - engine … clean cloth saturated with unleaded gasoline or carbon tetrachloride. . On engines fitted with a ball-race on the timing side the shaft will probably have to be lightly driven through the race leaving it in the case. Pull the cover and body apart and the gears will lift out of place. 2. As this engine disassembling and assembling vwts, it ends occurring instinctive one of the favored book engine disassembling and Page 2/25. attach the crankcase rear section to the induction housing. (11) After removal the cylinders should be set down on wood or some other soft For lining up the Flywheels perfectly straightforward equipment is all that is required. The shafts are allowed a maximum out of truth figure of .001-in. Early types had 24 T. or 47 T. Crankshaft Pinions.). This is because the Intermediate gear has an odd number of teeth (a " hunting " gear) to distribute the wear evenly on the teeth. Assembling Vwts Engine Disassembling And Assembling Vwts Page 1/3. you may want your holes, and as the Spindle has considerable freedom in the hole through which it passes, a certain amount of movement is provided for adjusting the mesh of the Intermediate gear with the Crankshaft Pinion and Camshaft wheel. Spring Depressing Tool No. Take care not to spring the rings any more than is necessary to put the strips into place and to raise them out of the grooves as piston rings are rather brittle. Before refitting the Cylinder barrel, check the connecting rod for alignment if there is any indication from inspection of the Piston that it is not quite true or there is any reason to suspect that it may have been distorted. (6) Remove ring from oil pump drive shaft. To check the Connecting Rod for accuracy, obtain a mandrel of the same diameter as the gudgeon pin and not less than 5-in. position. dismantling your M16. . The ends of the Crankpin are slightly taper and the pin will have to be driven out of the Flywheels. (e) Pullout idler shaft from the front side of the induction housing. disassembly. (2) Remove cam ring and bushing from rear main bearing sleeve. 4 2 3 Using a screwdriver, hook into the two coupling guards and remove them. This involves detecting the parts or sectionsof fragile or unstable vehicleswhichcould be dangerous when disassembling. To set the cam in the right place turn the crankshaft before setting the inlet clearance until the exhaust valve is just on the point of opening. diameter for about 2-in., and the remainder ½-in. When correctly lined up finally tighten both crankpin nuts and re-check the shafts for accuracy. When refitting the timing gears note that the spindle carrying the Intermediate gear is integral with a flange inside the Crankcase, to which the flange is secured by three ¼-in. leaded (ethyl) gasoline be used for cleaning, because of its poisonous properties. Re-boring is generally considered necessary when wear in excess of .008-in. (2) Remove gear and Woodruff key from shaft. any length of time they should be sprayed or slushed with engine oil or suitable slushing compound to prevent corrosion. On MSS Models remove engine and gearbox (see page 54). It on their spindles. (1) If water mixed compounds containing any form of soap or caustic soda are used for cleaning, it is of the utmost importance that all parts or assemblies be thoroughly cleaned with clear boiling water after using such compounds. The valve guides are detachable, and can be removed and new ones fitted with a double diameter soft punch or drift. Name of the Experiment: Dismantling and Assembling of a Diesel Engine. In fact, one of the very first engines that had been conceived wasn‟t even like the engine we know so well of today. Also on MOV or MAC see that the larger of the two flat machined surfaces on the piston crown faces forward. If a split skirt piston is fitted, it must be refitted so that the split is at the front. Do not pullout crankshaft extension shaft at this stage. (1) Disconnect the ignition wires from the spark plugs. Find trusted cleaners, skilled plumbers and electricians, reliable painters, book, pdf, read online and more good services. Allow yourself plenty of time. (7) Drive out oil pump tram gearcase by tapping on the slotted drive shaft with a fiber or rubber mallet. Re-assembly is the reverse procedure of dismantling. (c) Drill four holes into the seal through the inner four pilot holes in plate No. (4) Remove 4 castle nuts from magneto coupling and disassemble the component parts. Small boxes, tins or other receptacles should be provided in which bolts nuts, washers and other small parts can be placed as they are removed. (6) Before removing the cylinder from the crankcase, bring the piston in that cylinder to the top of its stroke. Traction generator bearing puller tools. washers and packings from the six guides removed from lower side of the diameter round head bolt and nut holding the “U” shaped cable clip. (a) Using a 1/4" diameter soft drift, drive out rocker arm bearing. thick. INSTALL ENGINE MOUNTING STAY NO.2 RH Torque: 64 N Vm (653 kgf Vcm, 47 ft Vlbf) 11. This is important. (2) Remove nuts and bolts from all link rods. Figure 8 - Removing Crankcase Front Section, (d) Turn puller screw until crankcase front section is free of guiding stud and bolts. (5) Master Rod Bearings - To clean the master rod bearing wipe the bearing with a After prolonged service, and repeated cutting, the seatings may become sunk well below the surrounding surface of the combustion chamber, and this condition lowers the efficiency of the engine. coupling. v. Reassembling the engine vi. engine that seems to be purr under your vehicle‟s hood just wasn‟t the tame beast it seems to be now. Descriptions … File Type PDF Engine Disassembling And Assembling VwtsEngine Disassembling And Assembling Vwts Engine, disassembling and assembling Note: If large quantities of metal particles or abraded material are detected during engine repairs, it may be an indication for a damaged crankshaft or rod bearings. Also for: Minor ii series, Minor 1000. 109a & b). The rings when new, and when fitted to a new or re-bored cylinder have gap clearances as follows :-. Behind the cam-followers is a "Belleville" washer. from sliding out and hitting against the cylinder walls. damaged. flameless oven for a period of 30 minutes at a temperature of 300° Fahrenheit. The removal of the timing cover should now be undertaken. The small end should be 5/16-in. The ridge of metal around the seat then needs cutting way and the surface blending into the hemisphere of the combustion chamber, otherwise the valves will be masked and loss of power will result. inner race. Final cleaning of the pistons may require polishing of the head with kerosene soaked crocus cloth. Unless magneto brackets are damaged and must be replaced, they must Should an attempt be made to fit the bearings the wrong way round it will be found that they will hardly go on to the mainshafts at all when pressed lightly into position with the fingers. See Figure 16. This stud will act as a guide when the If difficulty is experienced in pushing out any piston pin, the pin can be driven out of the (b) Remove nuts and washers which hold the-adapter to its mounting flange and remove adapter. With the flat of the hands against the front and rear of the cylinder, push it sharply backwards and forwards alternately, exerting an upward pressure at the same time, to loosen the cylinder in the crankcase. (11) Place horseshoe shaped base of tool No. Online Library Engine Disassembling And Assembling Vwts A little people might be laughing afterward looking at you reading engine disassembling and assembling vwts in your spare time. After heating the head press in the guides until they stand .in. Open the Case Computer cases are produced in a variety of form factors. crankshaft. NOTE.—Because the timing marks on the Intermediate gear will not always register at once with those on the Camwheel and Crankshaft pinion when the mark on the latter is brought to the top on removing the Timing cover, it has sometimes been assumed that the engine has previously been timed incorrectly.