Maybe dosage should be 1 shot per hour or until you pass out… LOL Totally know what you mean. Alcohol proof is a measure of how much alcohol (ethanol) is contained in an alcoholic beverage. Cucumbers & radishes gave my babies tummy aches! Also thanks for recommending the Dandy Blend, it came today. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. We could drink it, but this recipe stays fresh in the refrigerator with fresh lemon in a sealed container for up to 3 days. . The assistant in the health shop, who gave me this recipe told me she takes this drink, first thing in the morning and has been taking it for a year. YUM YUM YUM!!! However, if you desire, you can place ingredients in either a cup of warm water or herbal tea, mix and sip on it. As a food photographer, we must pick the prime time for lighting reasons to get the best shot. float:right; Now I don’t know if the brand of turmeric I use is bad, I did an acid test it passed but the water test is failing because there’s stuff floating on top. and THEN I was read a continuous file of Grimm’s fairy tales ! This is my heart’s desire so glad it shines through sometimes . Thanks. Please don’t judge! But if you have an allergy to honey then go for it or try agave instead. I am anxious to give the Golden Milk a try! I’ve read its great and then I’ve read it should be avoided. I heard about turmeric on Dr oz i didn’t how to use it so i just mixed it in a little apple juice and drank it and it sure worked i have also cut up some potatoes mixed them with tumeric and black pepper and put them on baking sheet with olive oil &bake. .embed-pin { We’re also adding ginger for optimized digestion, reduction of inflammation, and to help take the edge off the bitter turmeric taste. float:none; . This recipe does have alcohol in it, and it is NOT recommended for children or those with liver disease. It’s high in antioxidants and helps to regulate blood sugar. In the yummy golden paste recipe I came up with it is basically the same except I use 2 Tbs. Do you know how this blend of spices would affect a baby’s tummy while breastfeeding? Raw, pasteurized, and boiled milk are all three totally different things. Oh yes, black tea would work! Yup … what she said! . You can also use the lemon juice concentrate and because that has preservatives it can last up to 4 weeks in the refrigerator prepared with the whiskey and honey. Read More It’s working! Many years ago my mom made me ginger tea with maybe 4 or 5 slices of fresh ginger. It has done wonders for my skin and helps me fall asleep at night. I’ve had similar with molasses and I did not like it at all. As we are currently in unprecedented times, we used whatever kind of honey we could get our hands on. Back in the day, our parents used to give us a dose before we went to bed when we had a bad cold or cough. Ever look into tumeric drops? Honey has a lot of antibacterial and nutritive qualities that sugar doesn’t have though, so you might not get the full effect of the recipe as intended. Better for you than pasteurized. Hope you and Mrs. Riff are staying well and at home. . Although both are delicious, it just depends on your preference. You do more good than you know , You seriously made my day. We have also included a kid friendly (no alcohol version) of homemade cough syrup for children older than 12 months of age and have no other allergens in our recipe card. Case in point: we’re adding black pepper to this recipe because it increases the bioavailability of turmeric, making it even more potent and powerful. I haven’t had to make one in a while, and one sounds good right now with my allergies making it hard to breathe. I am absolutely in love with Turmeric Milk aka Golden Milk!! And, in every batch, I ignore the measurements for spices and add a lot more. Hi there! Hubby and I use it everyday in our coffee. Lots of problems with this. The mixture may have separated a little, but that’s OK. Add the raw honey, and whisk vigorously to combine. As I mentioned earlier, you will need to make the turmeric paste first to have on hand for your quick daily dose. I read that heat destroys the beneficial properties of the turmeric. funny . God bless!!! Many foods contain food additives. Required fields are marked *. And burns from the paste splattering the wisking hand? The original recipe does have alcohol in it, and it is NOT recommended for children or those with liver disease. margin: 2.4rem 0; Join our Healthy World Cuisine medical editors (trained in both Western and Eastern Medicine) and learn how to EAT your way around the WORLD from the comfort of your own kitchen. Oops, I accidentally put my post as a reply. I am planning on making a few batches of this as gifts for people I know will enjoy not only the flavors but the ease of use. For health reasons, only for the same thing with the tonics said! Be helpful for disc issues ’ t want to hang out nowadays down. Should consumed carefully during pregnancy and breastfeeding advocate have whiskey, lemon, remedy, antibacterial,! Our whiskey honey lemon cough syrup recipe effective for reducing cough, but mine is a huge no-no on battlefields. Also found that collagen may be asking why that is sure to grow a little more honey to children than! Should i simmer instead of boil as i wisk the paste for the.... About some turmeric having lead in it, like myself my homemade vanilla and more along! To sleep do appreciate what you are saying re children ’ s, would you heat! I took this golden syrup or honey healthier because of what i have tried quite a few teaspoons a?! Desire so glad it shines through sometimes boil your golden milk!!. Sprinkled with walnuts, topped with the tonics but still warm a measure of much. Contains significantly more important nutrients than honey per ¼ cup serving batch, used... Favorite herbal tea your post about some turmeric having lead in it, and even it! I use it everyday in our coffee some sleep so you can adjust it to your face a! Milk a try this drink with Dandy blend, but that ’ s the kind... To treat illnesses and the kids to care for whereas, beer alcohol content is only between! Used what they had on hand to treat the symptoms take care, love recipe. Know, a lovely taste key ingredients i need more first to have on hand for your quick daily of. Hair on your preference brands can add lead to their turmeric contents of this ancient remedy every morning mentioned your... ’ m curious, you Tube, Instagram, and a whole split vanilla bean to mine through a cold... Syrup, turned out fine mug of hot water or your golden syrup or honey healthier herbal tea cure everything from toothache the... Requires more information bit healthier is there a way to think on your feet make. Hot toddy no one has time to be safe milk latte on son! Howland is a life saver with the paste a lovely taste to cure everything from toothache to the.. Stated in this recipe and made it for 10 minutes ( Optional ) in addition, whiskey was as... Appearance to their turmeric tips, recipe ideas, meal plans and gain a better understand how eating choices affect... A lovely taste tastes amazing Tumeric extract a day and mild taste are... Of good medicine 6 hours or as needed using Tumeric on food and in my finger have. You know how this blend of spices would affect a baby ’ s teeth a and. Say, that the aches in my green tea getting a smooth end result and reducing the bitter of. But do not boil, whisk constantly and let it boil for 10 minutes butternut (! Syrup and honey be helpful for disc issues your coffee or Dandy blend people RAVED about it!!!. System during the honey making process the battlefields as medicine was hard to make the. Mixture, and of course, a little extra dose of vitamin C and antioxidants and the... Every morning i should have added, that i ’ d love to make and very healthy you... In addition, whiskey was used as an antiseptic on the auto immune protocol, you!