Although there generally isn’t a language barrier between those living in SoCal and NorCal, most people find that NorCal residents say the words ‘hella’ and ‘y’all’ often and pronounce the word ‘yeah’ like ‘yee-ahuh,’ whereas SoCal residents tend to say ‘really’ and ‘you guys’ often and pronounce the word ‘yeah’ like ‘yahh.’ According to this geographically noteworthy Quora answer, the diving line between Northern California and Southern California has been declared. Finally got to see some SoCal builds Ive been tryna see in person for the … Central California . Southern California . It got poppin!! Sacramento’s cost of living is 18 percent higher than the national average, with a cost index of 118.2. In Southern California, there isn't as much of a gravitational pull toward L.A., but more toward the "water", as in the Pacific Ocean. My SoCal friends mock me mercilessly for it, but I have to admit, saying “that party was hella packed” just sounds better than “that party was really packed”. In SoCal, I never had a run-in with rangers or anyone against biking. 2. SoCal: From elotes to carne asada tacos, SoCal is known for its awesome Latino cuisine. Many SoCal People Never Been to Northern CA?, Los Angeles, 41 replies Possible move from NorCal, Los Angeles, 5 replies Roaches in LA/SoCal?, Los Angeles, 26 replies Medicare Plans - Very cheap in Socal but not Norcal, Los Angeles, 1 replies Anybody moved from NorCal to L.A.?, Los Angeles, 11 replies Median home price: $362,400. Northern California. Question 2/10 The beach is for: Stunning babes and gnarly breakers, the feeling of the hot sun against your skin. People may say that the 405 is a terrible place to be, but a lot of the highways in NorCal go down to two lanes, and 4 freeways merge together right at the Bay Bridge, and Emeryville is just as terrible, if not worse than the 405. Down in SoCal I only ever experienced one of those things: A view at the top. But coming from SoCal to living in NorCal, it's extremely different. 1. I visit college campuses for a living, and I am loving it! As I started brainstorming to write this blog, I realized when I’m at a school in SoCal, there are considerably more people from NorCal and vice versa. Huge redwoods, a river with flowing water, a gorgeous view at the top. The line, it seems, goes right through San Luis Obispo. In my opinion, NorCal looks much better but I did get warned about rangers. Apparently, I spent too many years in NorCal and it began to show when hella slipped into my speech. In Northern California, everything gravitates toward San Francisco's civic center. When I moved from Northern California to Southern California I had grown accustomed to all black 4/3 wetsuits year round and at least one grumpy, and I mean really grumpy person in each lineup. SOCAL VS NORCAL Meet at Porsche Of Livermore! Median household income: $65,046. Traffic is worse in Northern California. Gnarly vs. hella. Northern California, outside of Haight-Ashbury, has a reputation for being stuffy and boring to younger tourists. 4. Sacramento's Cost of Living. Stunning views and wind-breakers, … Combining fresh ingredients, barbecues, and gluten-free, lactose-free, paleo, vegan everything, SoCal cuisine brings big flavor and big variety. The Bay Area/ Silicon Valley. While transportation, food, and housing prices have increased in the state capital, compared to other cities on our list, Sacramento remains an affordable place to live, … But, as the ultimate melting pot of creativity and career aspiration, we celebrate our diversity on every plate. The People.